Why is it so hard to stay healthy after you have kids? This is something Chris and I talk about a lot so I invited him back to the show to chat with me. Plus I just loved talking to him so much and I wanted to do it again. You might as well get used to it. It’s going to be a more regular thing.

Chris and I constantly lament our unhealthy lifestyle. Why can’t we eat better? Why are our pants so tight? Is it Channing’s fault? Probably. After dissecting it we came to the conclusion that we’re tired. Like most of the time, we’re exhausted. I work 9 jobs and never sleep. Chris works one job and picks up my slack. There has to be a better way to manage our schedules right?

I think ultimately that’s what we’ve realized. We have to cut back on some things in order to add others. Pretty profound for adult people. But really I’m a night person and can never get up early. Chris is an early morning person so he lives to wake up and make breakfast (seriously). In some ways we complement each other like that. However lately we’ve been enabling each other when it comes to bad food, and lack of exercise.

I’m too tired to make dinner so he runs through a drive-thru. Then we eat and sit on the couch all night. Sound familiar? I know we’re not alone in our struggle to lose weight and get healthy. Or even just get motivated to get moving.  I did a hard push last spring to lose 15 pounds by my 15th wedding anniversary and I reached my goal.

Now here I am a year later, about to celebrate another wedding anniversary and I’ve gained everything back.

I’ve let you down. I’ve let myself down. I’ve let America down. So I need to get back in the groove, but honestly I don’t know how. We both do. Maybe if we do it together we’ll have more success. Listen to the episode and you’ll hear the challenges we’ve made to each other. Then tell me what has given you success in your weight loss goals!