It’s been almost a month since I met my goal of losing 15 pounds by my 15th wedding anniversary. I’ve shied away from writing anything more about working out or getting healthy because I’ve been taking a break. Mentally and physically. I was so focused on weight-loss for 5 months that even I got tired of hearing myself talk about it. I can only imagine how you must have felt. This break has proven to be a bit detrimental though. I’m starting to gain weight again.  I’ve allowed myself to get too confident and comfortable with meeting my goal. I keep thinking, I can eat this cheese because I’ll workout tomorrow. Then when something comes up and I don’t workout, my pants get smaller. Or I get bigger, whatever.

So in this ever evolving process to learn more about myself, my body, and my health goals I’m realizing all of those things can change at any minute.  Some days I just want to be fat. End of story. Embrace it like those plus-size Instagram models with the positive body message. And other days I want to be skinny enough to shop at The Gap again. Not Old Navy, The Gap. When I was 16 the ONLY  thing to wear was Gap. It was my part-time job and also where a lot of my friends worked. We wore uniforms to school so you would think that we’d all want to wear Hot Topic after school. Nope. We wore Gap jeans and white button downs. What I wouldn’t give to fit into a pair of Gap jeans now! Apparently, I’d give up anything but a cheeseburger and fries or mountains of cheese and sausage on Winesday Wednesday.


In fact most of the foods I crave are sweets. Not just deserts, but carb sugars like bread, pasta, and pizza. I was talking to my friend Mary about it and she thinks their may be a connection between what I eat and why I’m craving it. Maybe my hormones are out of wack? Maybe I’m iron deficient?  I definitely want to spend some time researching it. The whole hormonal health is fascinating to me. After I got pregnant I had not idea just how powerful our hormones can be and how they work in tandem at times.  I’ll definitely be doing some exploring on this one so feel free to send me your thoughts or suggestions on how our hormones and diet are linked. And I know aging plays a part as well. Basically, I’m an old, fat, mom, standing in front of the internet, asking you to love me. Then give me advice on what you’ve done to change your diet through hormone therapy or organic natural treatment. That’s all. Nothing complicated. I look forward to pulling up out of this diet spiral once again. Armed with the truth of the whole picture of health, not just exercise plans. Should be another fun adventure and I hope you’ll come along.