When you think of bouncing back after having a baby, what comes to mind? My first reaction is physically getting in shape. But parenting lifestyle expert and author Jill Simonian says it’s much more than that.

Her new book The Fab Mom’s Guide: How to Get Over the Bump & Bounce Back Fast After Baby has useful tips for every mom who might need that inspirational push after giving birth. Jill is one of my good friends and I am so thrilled she took time out of her busy schedule to be on the show and talk about the importance of helping women bounce back.


Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of things that change when you have a baby. Your body, your friendships, your career, your goals. I could go on and on. And you know what? You’re not alone. A lot of women find themselves lost and wondering what the hell to do next after they have a baby.  Jill explains that sometimes even small things like making your bed can make a world of difference and set you on the right path.

If you’d like more info on how you can bounce back, The Fab Mom’s Guide comes out April 4th, but it’s available NOW for pre-order on Amazon, Kindle and Goodreads. And you can read more about Jill and what being FAB means to her on her website, thefabmom.com.

She’s also a reporter for CBS-LA where she hosts a weekly parenting segment, and yours truly was a guest recently talking about avoiding the pitfalls of entitled kids in Hollywood. Make sure you follow her on social media because this lady truly has some FABULOUS adventures!