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I want to be a fabulous mom so bad it hurts!  But my lack of fashion sense, nerdiness, and wide butt generally keep that from happening. That’s why I invited The Fab Mom herself into the studio to find out her secret!

TV Host and lifestyle expert Jill Simonian created the website  She calls it a “lifestyle experiment to keep life flirty, focused and as close to fabulous as possible after babies.” Yes please! Where do I sign up? Jill gives us an honest look at how having her girls (unexpectedly) changed her career trajectory, the competitive world of entertainment journalism, and what she thinks of the term “mommy blogger”. It also happens to be what I think of the term “mommy blogger”.  Now aren’t you curious?

I also loved what she had to say about finding a good balance between family and work on social media. It’s not easy when part of your business is a blog about your family.  What’s a mom to do?  I think we discover some pretty great answers to that question. I should tell you, secretly I covet her blog. She has so much great content . She also writes for and is a contributor for the Today Parenting Team.  How she finds the time to write, keep her website up-to-date AND be mommy to two little girls is beyond impressive to me. Somedays I can barely refill the empty toilet paper roll.  So, you go Jill!

Jill with LadyP and LilMiss (her kids, not rappers!)

Jill and LadyP and LilMiss (her kids, not rappers!)

If you’d like more info on Jill go to or find her on twitter @JillSimonian,  or Instagram.  Thanks for listening to the show!

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