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Veena Goel Crownholm Miss California 2004

Veena Goel Crownholm Miss California 2004

The recent Steve Harvey flub at the Miss Universe pageant sent social media tongues wagging around the world. How on earth did he get it wrong? He had one job! I honestly couldn’t stop watching it over and over again. Some say there was a conspiracy behind it all…that maybe he did it on purpose to help organizers boost ratings. Some say he skipped out on rehearsals and simply wasn’t prepared. Either way it led to the 2 most awkward minutes of television in recent history.  And I couldn’t wait to break it all down with my new mommy friend and pageant expert Veena Goel Crownholm.


Veena (center) in the top 5 at Miss America 2005

Veena is a former Miss Southland, Miss California, and has competed in Miss America so she knows the pageant world well.  We chat about the Miss Universe faux pas, the relevancy of pageants today, and what these beautiful young women get out of putting themselves out there in such a public way.  We also chat about toddlers and tiaras, Miss USA vs Miss America, and finding yourself again after having a baby. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

Veena familyVeena Crownholm

I loved talking with Veena about a world I know very little about, but find fascinating. She was very open and honest about pageant life and I think you’ll enjoy what she has to say. You can follow Veena on Twitter @veenacrownholm, Instagram at VeenaCrownholm and on her website