When I asked Casting Director Renita Gale to be a guest on my podcast, I had no idea she would make me cry on my own show. Her story of how she became a mom is moving, inspiring and heartfelt. I hope she doesn’t mind that I called it a Hollywood ending because it just gives me all the feels!

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Renita is a Creator, Casting Director, Dream Fulfillment Specialist which are pretty amazing titles. She’s recently cast commercials for Bud-Light, Volkswagen, Target, AT&T, Texture, Nissan, The Cosmopolitan Hotel, CIAN, 23andMe.com, McDonald’s to name a few. And she’s also been a producer on several projects. She knows what casting is looking for and what producers are looking for when casting “types”.
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I’ve known a few people who’ve gone through the foster adoption process through the state of California and LA County. It’s not an easy road to travel. It’s emotionally challenging to say the least. Renita went through that process after being married only a few months because she knew it was the right path for her. She’s very candid in this interview about how she was focused on her career and never really thought about having kids. I think that happens to a lot of people in Hollywood. We’re chasing something we think is important, until we have kids and realize what’s really important.

renita gale casting

I also got to pick her brain about what’s going on behind the scenes in a casting session for commercials. Commercial auditions are my least favorite part of this industry. Anyone else? Sometimes it makes me feel like a head of cattle being lead in for the count. But Renita beautifully puts that in perspective by reminding us how lucky we are to get the audition. She says casting may bring in 200 people for a big spot, but that’s out of THOUSANDS of actors who were submitted. To get an audition means you’re already ahead of the game.

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She also took the time to answer listener questions from my fellow actors about group auditions, what exactly “ethnically ambiguous” means, and how do CD’s feel about suck-ups LOL  You’ll love her answers and I know you’ll be inspired by her story.

To find out more about Renita you can visit her website www.renitacasting.com and make sure you subscribe to her YouTube channel (and mine) for more audition and acting tips.

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