Making a TV show is hard ya’ll. I’ve heard many stories from friends and colleagues about the insurmountable odds of developing a show and getting it distributed. My guest this week decided to buck those odds and create her own show, starring women she thought should be in leading roles, telling stories she thought were important.

Now we have, The Other F Word. Here’s what Jentis says it’s about.

“After dropping off their last kid to college, Amy’s husband impulsively quits his job, joins the Peace Corps., and leaves her shell-shocked and alone for a year.  A once content suburban stay-at-home mom, Amy moves into New York City to live with her older single sister, Diane, and with her two best friends by her side, embarks on a wry comedic coming-of-age journey.”

It’s set in NYC which was a natural choice for Jentis. She tells me there’s an ease to filming in New York that she enjoys. She also says New York actors are different from LA actors too. We talk about why it was important for her to case age appropriate women for this modern day SATC-like show. These women are strong, flawed, and funny. Not unlike many women in the real world.

Jentis tells me she became a mother while she was attending film school. She spent her days juggling child care and school schedules while also working on a film set. Many mothers face those same challenges today because, as we discussed, the onus of parenting still falls heavily on the mother in this industry. Maybe it’s changed a little bit, but for the most part women are the ones rushing from set to pick up their kids in time. Or hiring a nanny to help out.

I can’t wait for you to hear Caytha’s inspiring story of how she became a young mom and created a career for herself in a business that’s not always family friendly. Make sure you check out The Other F Word on Amazon Video and find out more about the show at It’s executive produced by Eileen Katz and Judy Gold.