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I recently had the pleasure of talking to Thea Sokolowski from Kinsa (The World’s Smartest Thermometer!) about something a lot of parents are dealing with around the holidays: tantrums. Emotions are high, family is in town (just for some added pressure), and finances are stretched. Add to that a toddler who can fly off the handle at a moments notice and you can practically feel that Christmas spirit escaping through your beautifully decorated hearth. (Do people still have hearths?) Either way I’m thrilled to share the experiences of my little girl with big feelings with you. They are far from a perfect solution to dealing with a high-spirited toddler, but I hope it brings you some comfort to know you’re not alone.

Find it here.

And thank you Kinsa for including me in your wonderful online parenting community! Be sure to check out the Kinsa Kids Holiday Campaign and you could win a basket filled with the best products for a happy, healthy kid.  Details on how to enter are here.