FailedDietI knew going into the #MIH15by15 that I would have some setbacks. This past week has been one of them.  I have been so busy running between auditions, working on MIH business, and taking care of Channing that I didn’t make time to get in some good workouts. Most importantly, I’ve been eating garbage. Just shoving food in my face like like a Walking Dead zombie who’s just found a fresh body. I’m all about visuals, btw.

At this point in my previous attempts at weight loss this would be the part where I say, “aw fuck it” and keep eating whatever I want. But since I’ve made this challenge so public, and engaged with so many awesome people who are doing the #MIH15by15 with me, it’s actually holding me more accountable. Ugh. You mean I have to do this?  Yes. You have to do this so you don’t embarrass yourself in front of the world.

Now’s the time I remind myself, it’s just 15 pounds. You’re almost half way to your anniversary.  Get off the pizza and back on the treadmill.  The internet is counting on you.