My home girl Lindsay Hollister came over! So I opened up the mic and started making her tell me all her deep, dark feelings about Hollywood.  Lindsay has been working in entertainment since she was a young gal fresh out of college. And as she explains, she hit the TV jackpot almost immediately. But fame has eluded her ever since.  In this episode we vent about why an actors lifespan isn’t what it used to be, how the Kardashians are amazing/ruining everything, and when we plan to retire from showbiz.


I’m also pretty sure I’ve single-handedly kept the lights on at her business, The Pie Hole. She is one of the first friends I made when I moved to LA and I tell her all the time how glad I am that I made her be my friend.  Technically in Hollywood we should be “competitors” because of the types of roles we play. But we flipped the script on this town and became great friends.  Now please enjoy our total gossip/bitch sesh about why we aren’t mega celebs yet!

Heather and Lindsay

Watch for Lindsay in the upcoming Netflix movie Pee-wee’s Big Holiday. She also has a web series called Breaking Fat, and has been on a shit-ton of TV shows.  Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and you might occasionally see pics of me too!