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When I came across Laura Tremaine’s blog Hollywood Housewife a few months ago I squealed in excitement. She’s from Oklahoma! And she’s a mom! And she loves writing! And she loves being a SAHM in Hollywood! Once my heart slowed down from racing after my new internet crush, I realized she had actually shut her blog down about a year ago and was no longer as active as before. So I sprang into action to find out where she is now and how I could convince her to come on my podcast and tell me everything about her life.

Laura Tremaine

Fortunately for me she was more than willing and I didn’t have to offer her my first-born. Laura came over and we talked about how she left a small town in Oklahoma called Ardmore, and found her way into Hollywood. She talks about meeting the love of her life on the set of a TV show, yet neither of them realized it at first. Her detailed story is here on her website and definitely worth reading. We talk about what’s like being moms in LA, because its not like any other city to raise kids. And her feelings about Hollywood Housewife, it’s success and eventual end.




Hollywood HousewifeThe most revealing part of the show is toward the end where we both talk about faith and how we felt about it as kids in Oklahoma versus what we feel now. It’s so comforting to share something as intimate as faith and beliefs with someone you just met. But I have the feeling Laura brings that comforting, familiar connection to just about any one she meets. She was warm, funny, and put up with all of my ridiculous questions and comments which also makes her a saint in my book.  Her husband is Jeff Tremaine, big time director/producer of all the Jackass movies and a string of hit TV shows like Ridiculousness, Rob & Big and Wildboyz.  She has power as a Hollywood Housewife but you’d never know it by her genuine and down-to-earth demeanor.

Tremaine family

Even though HH is no longer in production, you can still read all of her archived posts and I highly encourage you to that. During the show she shares with me what she plans to do next. It includes continuing to co-host her very funny podcast,  Sorta Awesome with her friend Megan. Plus maybe a new direction for Hollywood Housewife is in her future.

You can find Laura and keep up with her on social media through her website,