I used to be embarrassed that I watch reality TV. After all it contributed to the decline in scripted television, and thus fewer jobs for actors. But I can’t deny it anymore. I watch it. A lot of it. And that’s why I was super pumped to talk to Reality Life podcast host Kate Casey about her love of it as well.

kate casey reality life

Kate’s podcast is freaking funny. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of reality TV and strong opinions on most shows. She became a fan of the genre like most of us Gen X-ers did with MTV’s The Real World. Remember that shit?? It looks like paint drying compared to modern-day reality TV. I am not a fan of the house-wivey type shows. That’s probably my least favorite franchise. But I am a big fan of Big Brother! And some of the different forms of reality shows like HGTV’s House Hunters and competition shows like The Voice.

But Kate is a fan of it all. She’s also a very funny and accomplished writer for her website loveandknucles.com where she’s known for her reality TV recaps and blogs about life with her 4 kids (lordy). She’s even written a book called You Know You’re Pregnant When… Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There.

you know you're pregnant when

We dished about parenting in Hollywood, our favorite reality shows and her secret for finding time to write.  I love it when I find someone who gets my weird sense of humor and makes me feel comfortable enough to out myself as a reality TV fan.  Thank you Kate, for helping me come out.

You can listen to Kate’s Reality Life podcast on iTunes or loveandknuckles.com. You can follow her on Twitter where’s she’s epically funny @katecasey!

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