I don’t know why I’m still surprised, but every week when I interview someone new I get another mom crush. Lara Scott is no exception. She is a bright light and I’m mad that I didn’t meet her sooner. She is so easy to talk to and a great listener, both are qualities that make her an outstanding radio host for K-EARTH 101.

Lara got started in radio at the age of 17 in Bend, Or. She and a friend thought the local morning DJ sounded cute (I can relate), so her friend dared her to call the station. She wound up asking if they were hiring and got a job. If all jobs were just that easy! Cut to many moons later and she is the midday jockey at K-Earth 101, the top radio station in LA.

I had the pleasure of co-hosting a special sneak preview of the movie “Wonder Park” with Lara and K-Earth and was so struck by her kindness. We have been exchanging messages on social media for months so it was a thrill to finally hang out with her in person. She tells me how becoming a mom changed her outlook on her career, and how accommodating her employer was when she was pregnant. If only more would be that amazing!

We bonded over mom life in the entertainment business and realized we have a ton of things in common. You’ll have to listen to find out just how similar we are!

You can follow Lara and her adventures as a radio DJ, Disney fan and mama on her Instagram @LaraScottmedia.