We all saw Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings crush it on the beach volleyball court this summer at the Rio Games. She and her partner April Ross took home the bronze medal, adding to her collection which includes 3 gold medals. But when I interviewed her recently at an The Honest Company fall party, she told me the one thing she’s most proud of is her family.

kerri walsh jennings

In addition to being a world-class athlete, Kerri is a mom of three. She tells me her heart is in being a mommy to her kids. She says when she won the bronze medal in Rio, her kids said, “Mommy we didn’t win gold!” And rather than defending her bronze medal, she used that opportunity to teach them about what it means to win at every level. Even though gold was her goal, she was still proud of the work she and her partner did to win bronze.

kerri walsh jennings

She says her family is a big part of her life and has been supportive of her career in every way.  They talk about the importance of healthy competition in her house which is a lesson a lot of us could use. And I had to ask her what her plans are for the future, now that her volleyball partner is taking a break to start a family. She says she’s weighing her options, and could soon start searching for a new partner. And I for one cannot wait to see her back in action.

Now, Kerri is adding one more title to her name. She’s the first Honest Company Ambassador. The Honest Company was founded by actress Jessica Alba to offer eco-friend, beautiful and affordable baby products. The brand has now expanded into household items, personal care and feminine care products just to name a few.

We are big fans of Honest in this house. The natural wipes, eco-friendly detergent and cleaner are staples in our house  I’ve also used the bubble bath, shampoo and hair detangler on Chan since she started official bath time.

honest company products

Kerri says she was thrilled to be asked to be an Ambassador for The Honest Co because it’s very important to her to use safe products in her home and on her family. She tells me she never wants to question the quality of what she gives to her kids, whether it’s sunscreen or diapers and wipes. And for her, working with like-minded mom Jessica Alba was a no-brainer. She says she admires Jessica for creating something so wonderful for families.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Kerri and will join with me in cheering this mama on, no matter what the future holds. And for more information about The Honest Company and their products, visit www.honest.com.