For months my husband and I have been planning to give our daughter a cat for Christmas. We have been missing having a pet around the house since ours passed away several years ago. Chris and decided it was time to open our home and our hearts to a new furry friend.

We checked out our local shelters and rescue groups to see how much the adoption fees and initial costs would be so we could be prepared. Then we found our forever cat! It was settled. Now we just had to come up with a fun way to surprise Channing. We decided to let her “open” it as a gift on Christmas morning.

I don’t know if we saw it in a movie or on TV but it sounded like a good idea. Of course we wouldn’t close the box all the way, and we would bring it out as her final present from Santa. It would be perfect! But sometimes when you plan things, they don’t end up the way you thought they would. They turn out even better.

So here’s what happened when I gave my daughter a cat for Christmas. I hope it brightens your holiday like it did ours!

BTW, our new cat’s name is Gracie I Love You Brooker. That pretty much sums up all the feels Channing has for our new family member.