I was nervous to meet Stefanie Fair. She’s a gorgeous, successful, talented mama of four who’s been in the entertainment business since she was a young girl. Truthfully, I was a little afraid she’d think I’m a total dork and I sooooo wanted her to think I’m cool.  But when she came into my home and greeted me with the warmest hug ever, I new within minutes we would be friends. She was warm, funny, and very open about her experiences with motherhood and music and all of my nerves quickly disappeared.

stefanie fair

Stefanie has a unique perspective on the biz. She’s a former child star with credits like The Golden Girls, My Two Dads, Punky Brewster and Blossom. She was also 1/3 of the 90’s pop group Wild Orchid with Stacy Ferguson (Fergie!) and Renee Sandstrom.  And she totally upped the awesome ante when she told me she toured with all those 90’s boy bands like 98 Degrees, ‘N Sync and The Backstreet Boys. Um, hi, my teen years called and they would like to swap lives with you.

Wild Orchid: Stefanie Fair (left) Stacy Ferguson (center) Renee Sandstrom (right)

Wild Orchid: Stefanie Fair (left) Stacy Ferguson (center) Renee Sandstrom (right)

But despite being surrounded by so many singers who would go on to become huge stars, Stefanie admits Wild Orchid never quite reached the level of stardom she had hoped. Call it the nature of the music biz, or just bad luck, but these women worked their butts off and still struggled to get record deals. She also tells me stories about going on tour and being grateful there was no social media at the time to document their every move. Could you imagine if Instagram existed when you were a teen?  I die.



She also recently starred in Bravo’s There Goes The Motherhood about an exclusive mommy support group for Hollywood moms. I asked her about the backlash she received after the door locking situation blew up on TGTM. She came under fire after admitting on the show that she locks her kids doors at night when they go to bed. You’ll have to hear the explanation for yourself. Let’s just say, not everything is as it appears on reality TV and I love that she lifts the veil for us.

We also discussed:

  • Her transition from child actress to pop music star
  • What it was like working with Fergie when she was known as Stacy Ferguson
  • Why she chose having a family instead of pursuing music full time
  • What projects she has coming up next
  • What she thinks about the state of music today
  • How she “keeps it hot” for her husband and why she thinks it’s necessary
  • Her love for songwriting
The Fair Family

The Fair Family

I think my favorite part of getting to know Stefanie is seeing how much she clearly adores her four kids and the family she and her husband, mega music producer Ron Fair, have created. And despite the allure and glamour of the music business, she’s a pretty typical mom. She takes her kids to school, has play dates, and swim parties just like the rest of us and looks amazing doing it. Mom goals, people. Mom goals.

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