I had the pleasure of stepping into my old reporting shoes last week and interviewing some stars for the premiere of Bad Moms. And this is the episode where you’ll get to hear those interviews. Yay!

Heather Brooker reporting on the pink carpet for the premiere of Bad Moms

Heather Brooker reporting on the pink carpet for the premiere of Bad Moms

Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn at the Bad Moms premiere July 26th

Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn at the Bad Moms premiere July 26th













The main cast wasn’t able to stop and talk to several of the media outlets on the back half of the carpet, which is where I was. LOL  And that’s okay! I was thrilled to talk to mega producers Bill Block (Elysium, District 9) and Suzanne Todd (Alice Through The Looking Glass) about their experiences with the film. As an actor, this was where I geeked out the most. How often does a mama actor get to have face time with mega producers??

jon lucas and scott moore

As I mentioned in my post on the premiere, I talked with the films’ writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore about why they took on a movie about moms. A lot of internet people got pretty upset when they first heard that two men were tackling a film about motherhood. And I’ll admit at first I was a little like, hey give a lady a crack at this!

But I tried to go into it with an open mind. Plus, sometimes I think we all get upset just to have something to write on the Internet. C’mon kids. At least wait until you see the movie before you hate on it.

Truthfully, the movie was actually pretty funny. Completely unrealistic, but so are 99% of the movies in theaters today. (You really think there’s a Thor?) So let’s all just relax and enjoy the swears and dick jokes and take it for what it is: a fictional account of moms who need a break from the pressures of being perfect. Can I get an Amen!

I also interviewed the brilliantly talented actress Sara Rue (Less Than Perfect, Popular) and was so excited I forgot to take a picture. Womp womp. She almost snuck off the red carpet but I saw her and snagged her for a moment. Heehee! I’ve actually been wanting to have her on my show as a guest for a while so I was excited to get to talk to her about her new show Impastor and how she moved her family to Canada for filming. She also reveals her biggest secret to success as mom actor.

camryn manheim


Then, I spoke to legendary actress Camryn Manheim. I had to ask her about her famous Emmy speech in 1998. It was incredibly inspiring and I still remember it to this day. We chatted about how far plus sized actresses have come since she first started. She also shared some honest moments about motherhood. She says she feels like she’s messed up a lot as a mom. I say she’s too hard on herself.  I hope she’ll come on my show for a sit down interview and we can deep dive into this a little more.

alan thicke

Also you guys, Alan Thicke was there. He me told an interesting story about his dad and condoms that you HAVE to hear.

I talked to the adorable Oona Laurence about her role in the film as Mila Kunis’ daughter. And Shauna Rappold (American Horror Story, Bad Moms) about her experiences in the film. And finally, the Queen of Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller gave me some tips on when to start Chan in dance. Hint: I’m too late!

heather bad moms

I can’t even describe how much fun this was or how much pain my feet were in by the end of the night. I can tell you that it was totally worth it and MIH will be back on the carpet again someday.