I am finally recovering from the whirlwind that is Comic-Con. Chris and I hit the road last week and spent 3 glorious days going to panels, walking the floor and interviewing celebrities. Did I mention Chris Hemsworth? Not yet? I will.

This was yet another epic Con filled with sneak previews, teaser trailers, and big bad reveals. Nerds all over the world were titillated to say the least. Some people still haven’t come down from the high of seeing the Infinity Wars trailer which was leaked online much to Marvel’s dismay. What did they think would happen in a room full of superfans with cameras?

Other highlights include the Justice League trailer which most fans agree is the best trailer to date for the franchise. I’ve heard good reaction on the Blade Runner reboot and lots of Doctor Who buzz. And I was already excited for Thor: Ragnarok before and the new trailer Marvel released at Comic-Con does not disappoint. Did I mentioned Chris Hemsworth?



As far as TV goes, The Flash revealed their big bad for season 3, Game of Thrones kept fans wanting more as usual, and the Stranger Things panel was a huge fan favorite. Honestly so much happened it’s hard to recap everything in one blog post. That’s why Chris and I are breaking it all down in this week’s podcast!

The Flash star Candice Patton at the EW Comic-Con party

The Gifted star Stephen Moyer at the EW Comic-Con party















I also had a blast covering the red carpet for the Entertainment Weekly party. It’s the biggest party at Comic-Con and one that every star attends. I interviewed cast members of The Gifted, Dark Matter, The Tick, and Con Man. My husband was a big Firefly fan so getting the opportunity to interview Alan Tudyk was a thrill for us both. And did I mention Chris Hemsworth?

Alan Tudyk at the EW Comic-Con party

I need to take a moment here to give mad props to Sam Heughan who plays James Frazier on Outlander. I am a huge fan of this show and read the entire series of books years ago. So I’ve also been glued to the TV to watch the drama unfold. Sam was walking the red carpet and I asked him for an interview. He graciously agreed and something weird happened to me when he walked over: I lost all ability to speak. Or think. Or stop sweating. I was so nervous and flustered I couldn’t even remember my question. I think I mumbled something about him being very physical and then just stared at his body. Yep. Super profesh. He was very, confused but still talked to me anyway. Eventually I spat out a couple of questions and got a picture with him. When he walked away I realized Chris was dying laughing at my obvious celeb crush moment. Thank God my husband has a good sense of humor and is secure in our relationship or things could have gone south very quickly. Needless to say I’m an even bigger fan now knowing how gracious and gorgeous Sam is in real life.

Outlander star Sam Heughan humoring me at the EW Comic-Con party

After the Entertainment Weekly party we were sitting in a breezeway at the Hard Rock Hotel having a drink and recapping the awesomeness of the night. Chris was being weird and taking pictures of art on the walls and I was on my phone when suddenly the clouds parted, a bright light shone down the hall, and Thor himself strode out of the darkness. As quick as lightning, Chris Hemsworth strode past me in a sharp teal suit that hugged him in only the way a demigod could be hugged. I might have yelled out something like, “oh my God it’s Thor” but who can remember. My senses were overwhelmed and I didn’t realize that I needed photographic evidence of the moment until he was well past me. Finally I came back down to earth and opened my photo app, just in time to see Chris (Brooker) come around the corner and step in front of my shot of Chris (Hemsworth). I don’t know what was better, seeing Thor or seeing the look on Chris Brooker’s face when he realized he’d just walked past Thor. Both were pretty epic moments and I have the blurry ass picture to prove it.

We regale you with more funny moments and wow moments from our Comic-Con experience on the show this week. I never really get star struck but this weekend definitely caught me off guard with the sheer celebrity power that happens at Comic-Con. Now I completely understand why fans go and wait in line for hours to get a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Director Kevin Smith on the IMDboat.

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