If you’re an actor and parent in LA then chances are you’ve struggled to find last-minute child care at some point. It can add stress to an already stressful situation. So when the awesome aunties and uncles who usually help out aren’t available, what do you do? Personally I’m all for taking my daughter to an audition if I have no other choice because hey, we do what we gotta do right? But if taking your child to an audition isn’t an option, then hopefully this list will get you started on a backup plan. All of these businesses offer some kind of part-time, on-call or drop off option which is perfect for the freelance nature of our business. I hope you find this list helpful! These are just suggestions so please do your due diligence when screening child care providers. I’m sure I missed a bunch so let me know if you have suggestions and I’ll add them to the list!



College nannies and tutors has a part-time option for sitters. The website describes it as being for parents with “unpredictable schedules.” Hello actors! They also have service areas all over LA.




Child + Friend advertises tailored child care including on-call babysitting and part-time services. The company was founded by a doula. Very LA! And they offer a “corporate care” option if you want to suggest it to your boss 😉



The Babysitting Company is based in Florida and offers services in LA. They have an “as-needed” option as well as “last-minute.” But, they do require a 4 hour minimum on all sitters. So grab coffee after your audition and relax!


Penny & Peggy Nairn 24/7 Child Care is deep in the valley, but they take ages newborn through 12. So if you’re in a pinch it might be worth the drive. The website says they have separate classes for all age groups and meals are provided for no additional charge. It’s probably not kale, but I’m sure it’s just as good.






Based in Pasadena, Meredith and Co. provides on-call service to those actor parents who don’t live west of the 5. She offers care for parents “in a pinch” and there is a flat fee of $20 for each sitter with a 2 hour minimum. Each caregiver is selected and vetted by Meredith, who is also a caregiver.





Facebook has several closed or secret parenting actor groups. Inside these groups parents post about what auditions they’ll be at the next day in the hopes someone is willing to connect with them and watch their kid while they run in the room. Ask around…I’m sure one of your friends is holding out on you. There’s also a closed group called the Improv Babysitters for parents to connect with other actors who are babysitting on the side.  Circle of life!

We Rock The Spectrum has several locations around LA, but I picked the Glendale one because it’s my fave. Each location has a “break time” option for parents who need to drop off their kids ages 2 and up for a few hours. Priced only $12 an hour. But unless you’re really in a pickle,  I would say this is a better option for kids 4 and up as some of the equipment can be a bit advanced for toddlers. Go and check one out to see if it’s a good fit.