I am making an internet confession: I am obsessed with Big Brother. I have watched every season, yes all 18, and yelled at the TV like a crazy person when my favorite player doesn’t win.

This is a massive confession for me because I generally have disdain for reality TV. As an actor I’ve always felt like reality TV is this usurper that’s come in and taken a lot of paying jobs away from actors who no longer have scripted television opportunities.

But that’s bitter. I get it.

So I’ve opened my heart to a few reality shows, and #1 on the list is always, Big Brother. I could watch their carefully crafted conversations for hours. One summer I actually did watch them for hours when I signed up for the all access pass. Which reading now, sounds completely insane.

big brother 18 cast

I know they’re aware of the cameras. How could they not be. And yet I still get sucked in by their mundane, and pre-planned game plotting. BB has cast similar types of “real people” since it started. The producers have cultivated a formula that works. And don’t even get me started on that smooth talkin’ Julie Chen. I would watch her talk about anything! But first…

bb18 team

I have a secret, not-so secret life goal of helping come up with ideas for competitions just so I can play in them. The producers who work on those segments have the best job in TV.  I know I’m being gushy but I can’t help it. It’s BB season and I’m all in!

bb18 team2

I start out every season pretty much hating everyone who walks in the door. It’s like clockwork. Then they suck me in and by finale night I’m yelling at the TV for my favorite to win. How do they do it??? Will someone call Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan and ask them to be on my show? I have so many questions!

Right now if you make me choose, I’m on #TeamFrank and #TeamMamaDa’. But all of that may change by the end of summer. That’s the beauty of Big Brother. Your favorite player is like your favorite sports team. You just have to hope they play well enough to make it to the super bowl (aka finale night) by the end of summer!