Bad Moms Christmas opens Nov. 1st!

“Chicago, Chicago, that toddlin’ town, Chicago, Chicago, I’ll show you around!” That’s the swinging Sinatra song that was running through my head as I embarked on my Bad Moms Christmas adventure to Chicago. My travel and accommodations were provided by STX Entertainment so I could attend the film’s press junket and have a Bad Moms Night Out. And it was such a blast! Get ready, we have a lot to talk about!


I kissed my baby goodbye and jumped on my United flight to Chi-Town. The press junket was happening at The Peninsula Hotel in downtown Chicago and I am happy to report I got to stay there too. This 5 star hotel was built in 1928 and still has a lot of its classic architecture.

The Peninsula Chicago















I walked in, mouth agape, as I stared at the lush interior. From the restaurants to the rooms, this hotel was the perfect spot for me to celebrate the Bad Moms return to the big screen.


I settled into my room and was welcomed with a bottle of Jim Beam Vanilla from Mila Kunis. It’s like she gets me! I quickly met up with my girls The Millennial Mama’s Erin Ziering and Veena Crownholm for a Bad Moms’ Night Out at a screening of the film. No spoilers yet, but let’s just say if you liked the first one, you will LOVE the second on. It’s on another level.

Outside The Music Box Theater in Chicago having a pre-screening drink!

Special surprise from the cast!





The screening was wild! There were moms from all over Chicago joining us for a night out and they were ready to party! Dancing, laughing and a special surprise from the cast pushed us over the edge of Bad Moms fever. Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, Cheryl Hines and Susan Sarandon came out on stage to thunderous cheers and applause. It was clear these moms came to have a good time. I won’t give you details on the film yet but stay tuned!

After the screening our fun night was just beginning. I hit the city with my girls first stopping at Shanghai Terrace for dinner then out for drinks. I came back to my fluffy bed, and room to myself with the biggest smile on my face. It was just what the doctor ordered.








The next day I interviewed the cast about the film and I’m pretty sure I cursed more than anyone else in the room. I swear I have a problem! This was unlike any other press junket I’ve been to because we laughed so much. When the press event ended for the day we were just getting started! Despite the rainy cold weather, Erin and Veena and I headed out to explore the city. We visited Millennium Park and the famous “bean”, and hit up Eataly, Giordano’s, Pops Champagne bar, and some shopping before rushing back to the Peninsula to get warm.

Visiting Millennial Park with The Millennial Mamas Veena Crownholm and Erin Ziering!

Holy Cannoli!















This was without a doubt a perfect Bad Moms Christmas weekend and I will cherish these memories forever. We talked about how amazing it is that a film brought so many women together and inspired them to let loose, and have a great time. When people ask me why I love the movies, I tell them it’s movies like this. A film that makes you feel something and change your perspective on life, even if it’s just for a moment. Add a little side of Chicago love, and Jim Beam to that recipe and you’ve got a cocktail worthy of sharing with friends.














Bad Moms Christmas opens Nov. 1st. Take a tip from the Bad Moms and take a break to treat yourself this
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Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest opinion and review of this trip. For a full explanation of this, please visit my disclaimers page.