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I’d like to think I’m the smartest person I know. Then I misspell a word like restaurant (where does the U go??) and reality slaps me in the face. Turns out my friend Audrey Kearns is one of the smartest people I know. She’s scored higher on all the smart people tests that get you into college than most people, and she knows a lot about geek culture. A lot. I’m a (out and proud!) Star Trek fan, and enjoy all things nerdy. But Audrey is on another level.

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That’s why she created a website to let her geek flag fly called Geek Girl Authority. GGA is made up of podcasts, videos and geek-related news for serious fans. In this episode we chat about our new podcast collaboration with GGA co-founder Claudia Dolph called Booze and Phasers. Basically, we talk about the latest in Star Trek news, and fandom while indulging in a Trek-themed drink. AKA, we get plowed and geek out.

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Audrey also shares her deeply personal experience with OCD, how it manifests itself day-to-day, and her life-changing diagnosis.  I love her willingness to talk about this issue. I know it’s something millions of people deal with every day but may not realize what exactly IT is.  She tells me what ignited her passion for podcasting, details on her husband Brian’s new show Uncle Buck (June 14th on ABC!) and what it was like becoming a stepmom at the age of 21. You heard me. Audrey was so open about how she resisted the idea of being a stepmom at first. She was young, had only just started dating her then boyfriend (now husband) and didn’t want such a huge responsibility. But what she says happened next is the true definition of love, relationship, and sacrifice. Her story of becoming a stepmom is unique, and honest and makes me love her even more.

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Go to to find out more about Audrey’s podcasts Kneel Before Aud, 5 Truths and a Lie and of course, Booze and Phasers.  Don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to her shows on iTunes.