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Ep. 65 Erin Ziering Shares Her Midwest Values With A Hollywood Twist

When Erin Ziering met her prince charming, I’m sure she had no idea that she would be under a microscope for the rest of their lives together. That’s because she happened to fall head over …

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Ep. 64 Tips & Ideas On How To Be a Playful Parent With Author Meredith Sinclair

Being a playful parent is so important. It’s been talked about a lot in my mommy and me groups, and I’ve read about it a lot online so I know it has value. That’s why …

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heather on Lopez set
Mommy Musings

Apparently I Won’t Be A Successful Actress Until I’m 50

A former agent once told me I would never be a successful actress until I’m in my 40’s and 50’s because I need to age into my character “type”.  I can only assume he meant …

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nap time
Mommy Musings

Goodbye Nap Time. Hello Happy Hour!

Channing is dropping her nap.  I’m fighting it. Believe me, I’m fighting. I’ve pleaded with her to still “rest” or have “quiet time” as long as I can. Now I have to face the music. …

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FashionInside Scoop

Robeez Ushers In Fall With Cute Shoes For Your Kids!

With names like Boatin’ Betty, Flowerbomb, and Husky Howard you can clearly tell Robeez is having fun with their new fall line of kids shoes. Channing and I recently got some “feets on” experience with this adorable …

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kerri walsh jennings
Inside Scoop

Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings on Motherhood & The Honest Company

We all saw Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings crush it on the beach volleyball court this summer at the Rio Games. She and her partner April Ross took home the bronze medal, adding to her collection …

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Brooke Burke-Charvet on how motherhood changed her career

5th Annual Red CARpet Safety Event (Interview With Brooke Burke-Charvet!)

Did you know 4 out of 5 car seats are not installed properly? That’s a staggering statistic considering how many kids are being carted around every day in this country. I know this because I learned …

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Jimmy Kimmel hosts the 2016 Emmys, which airs this Sunday night (Photo courtesy: Jeff Lipsky/ABC)

It’s Emmy Time! What You Can Expect From TV’s Biggest Night

It’s time for the 68th Annual Emmy Awards and once again I will be watching from my couch. Or work rather because I have to work that night. I feel the same way about the …

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Life GoalsHealth & Fitness

This is not me. But it's what I will be doing when I publish this post.
Health & FitnessMIH 15by15

Let’s Talk About Stress Baby! This Mom Has Too Much Of It

I am stressed the eff out! I’m doing a blog post right now and avoiding the ever-growing list of things I have to do because, I’m overwhelmed.  Per usual, I’ve bitten off more than I …

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preparing for breastfeeding
BabyHealth & FitnessMIH 15by15

Here’s How You Can Plan Ahead For Breastfeeding Success!

When I was pregnant, I wish someone had told me how hard breastfeeding was going to be. Maybe I could have handled the inevitable frustration a little easier if I had planned ahead. Instead I …

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