I’m the first to admit that I could be more proactive about my health. As a mom with 2 (sometimes 3) part-time jobs, working out definitely gets put on the back burner. So when Withings introduced me to a stylish way to get healthy with the Steel HR I felt compelled to get up and get moving.

And fortunately for me, my husband is joining me on this journey. We both strapped on our Steels and immediately went to work linking it with the Health Mate app. I’ll get to that in a second but first let me tell you WHAT the Steel HR is and how it’s different from many other health trackers on the market.

First you’ll notice that it doesn’t look like a typical tracker. It looks like a sleek and stylish watch that you can wear to work, the gym and to the club. I’m assuming that’s your daily routine. Mine would be more like preschool drop-off, coffee with Erin and Veena, grocery store, then preschool again. But to each his own.

The Steel HR also has an analog watch for all you old school watch lovers out there. But inside is where you’ll find the biggest difference.

Inside the Steel HR:

  • Heart rate monitor that syncs with your app to give you insights on max heart rate and time spent in each heart zone
  • Long-lasting battery life of 25 days (whoa!)
  • Smartphone notifications like texts, incoming calls and alerts
  • Digital icons that show your steps, distance, calories burned, and alarm setting

While these features are impressive, what I really love about the Steel HR is that it doesn’t advertise to the world that I’m tracking my fitness. It just looks like I’m wearing a really cool watch. As someone who is overweight I don’t want everyone I encounter to know I’m trying to reach a step goal. Ya feel me?


Now let’s talk about that app! You can easily download the Withings Health Mate app in the Apple store and it will instantly become your new BFF. Chris and I have been having fun challenging each other to reach our step goals every day. He would like me to acknowledge here that he is beating me but don’t worry I’ll catch up.













The app also tracks activities from ping-pong to volleyball and dancing. It also has badges you can earn for reaching milestones. Once I finally got up and moving I earned the Quiet Day badge. That’s a pretty good indicator letting me know I need to get moving, especially if I want to beat Chris! He’s great about taking walks and moving around. He has a desk job that doesn’t allow for a lot of movement during the day so the Steel HR is really encouraging him to focus on his steps.

If you’re really pumped about tracking your fitness in style then you should check out the Withings Body Cardio Scale. It’s a scale that connects to wifi and can sync the weight of up to 8 users to their Health Mate profile. It even shows your name and provides a daily local weather forecast so you can plan your outfit for the day. We are living in the future folks!

Am I the picture of perfect health? No. But I am certainly more motivated now and I’m on my way to being a healthier mama, and doing it in style.

If you’d like more information on the Withings Steel HR and their other products, visit withings.com.


**Disclaimer: I was compensated for my honest review of these products. For more information please visit my disclaimers page.