When you find a comedy soulmate you grab ahold of them and never let go. Or at least start a podcast with them. That’s what LA actors and comedians Betsy Stover and Amanda Allan did when they started the Why Mommy Drinks podcast. It’s a funny, relatable and honest look at the parenting moments that drive us to drink.

That being said, they don’t do a lot of drinking or talking about drinking on the show. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab a glass of vino and enjoy it anyway. Betsy and Amanda have been friends for a very long time. They met in the UCB improv scene in New York and eventually made their way to LA.

We talk about the improv scene here and the importance of UCB where Betsy regularly teaches class. Amanda is crushing it in the voice over world and is contemplating returning to acting in front of the camera. It’s not an easy decision. These ladies have 3 kids each so you can imagine they have a lot of fun stories to tell. I invited them on because I love hearing stories about how moms are making it work in this business. I think you’ll love their take on improv, NY vs LA actors, and when you’ve had enough. Of acting, not drinking. We can never have enough drinking.

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