The only show my husband screen grabs images and videos from and sends them to me is Bob’s Burgers. Its random comedy bombs have made me LOL at least once in every episode for the past 6 years. Now that’s saying a lot because I am a “tough crowd” when it comes to laughing at jokes.

wendy molyneux


One of the reasons this show is so funny, is because of talented writer and mom Wendy Molyneux.  When I interviewed her she was quick to point out that she is one of many writers who work on the show, but she was the only one in my podcast studio at the time so she’s the one I gushed over.  Wendy works with her sister Lizzie on the show who also happens to be her writing partner. I would love to be a guest at family dinners because I can just imagine the tangential jokes would have me rolling.  I’m still hoping to get invited so, fingers crossed! Wendy and Lizzie also worked on the short-lived Megan Mullally talk show a few years ago and she has some interesting info on what it was like to work in the fast-paced world of daytime TV.




We also talk in-depth about why farts are funny, because let’s face it, they are.  We encourage women to embrace their poops and go when they need to go as a small feminist action. Embrace the poop ladies!  And we talk about what exactly a development deal entails, the challenges of producing a pilot, and why Bob’s has been the best job to balance with being a mom.  Plus we’re breaking down our love/hate relationship with the Kardashians and may even start a new podcast about it.  Would you listen?  I would too!



Bob’s Burgers airs Sunday nights on Fox. You can follow Wendy on twitter @wendymolyneux to get a peek inside her funny brain.

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