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I’m so thrilled to welcome Bumby Box as a sponsor for Motherhood in Hollywood!  Bumby Box delivers eco-friendly toys, books, and play-based games right to your door. Here’s what sets them apart from other toy box delivery services:


They do the homework so you can focus on your kids. Used together, BUMBY BOX toys and activities improve childhood outcomes. 
PictureEvery dollar you spend goes to supporting innovative toy companies committed to equitable business practices and healthy kids


PictureGreat Value:The cost of the box is always lower than the value of the toys included.


Play based learning activities created by child development specialists.










Channing loved her Bumby Box because it was specifically created with her age, skill level, and interests in mind. I can tell you, she is obsessed with her dinosaur puppet. His name is Rawwrr! I’ll be talking a lot about Bumby Box in the show over the next few months and you can get in on the fun! Enter the code MIHOOD at check out to receive a special discount just for being an MIH listener.  See? Celebs aren’t the only ones who can get the hook up!