Fans can now get a closer look at some of the costumes and props from one of the biggest movies of the year, Wonder Woman. Warner Brothers Studios invited me to be one of the first to see their new Wonder Woman exhibit and it did not disappoint.

In case you missed it, Wonder Woman has made nearly $780 million dollars to-date. It swept the world by storm with Gal Gadot as Princess of Themiscyra, a.k.a., Diana Prince, a.k.a. Wonder Woman, Robin Wright as Antiope and Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. I think this movie caught a lot of people by surprise because there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of marketing for the film compared to other superhero films in recent years then it exploded at the box office.


Now you see little girls and grown women everywhere dressing as their new idol. With Halloween just a few months away you can bet they’ll be even more costumes. This exhibit at the WB Studio Tour gives people a chance to get up close to these beautiful costumes so they can perfect their Halloween costume, or take selfies like I did.














In addition to visiting the exhibit I chatted with actors Lucy Davis and Eugene Brave Rock from the film. And the incredible stunt women Samantha Jo (Euboea) Caitlin Dechelle (Stunt Double to Gal Gadot), and Michaela Facchinello (Stunt Double to Robin Wright) were also at the event to show us exactly how you hold the God Killer and Wonder Woman’s indestructible shield. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Lucy Davis who plays Etta Candy live on Facebook. You can watch it on Wonderwall


Oscar-winning costume designer Linda Hemming created the pieces for the film and it’s clear she had a vision from the beginning. I imagine it would be hard to transition a character from a comic book to the big screen and make it look realistic. Also comic book fans are notoriously picky so one misstep and they blast you online. But Hemming did not have one misstep with these costumes and it’s truly a wonder to see them in person.

Hemming adds to the believability of this world with her costumes. From Diana’s ancestral home on the secret Amazonian island of Themiscyra to World War I-era England, she has created beautiful pieces that are works of art.

Wonder Woman stars Lucy Davis (Etta), Eugene Brave Rock (The Chief), Samantha Jo (Euboea) Caitlin Dechelle (Stunt Double to Gal Gadot), and Michaela Facchinello (Stunt Double to Robin Wright)

The WB Studio Tour is open to the public and you can also explore outdoor sets and sound stages used to create productions such as The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, La La Land, Argo and Gilmore Girls.  Each tour includes exclusive access to original props, costumes, picture cars, and sets used from Batman to Friends. Additionally, studio tour guests will stop at the DC Universe – DC Comics Exhibit, the real Central Perk Friends set, and the original Batman Museum – Batmobile Collection. Tickets start at $55 online.