Summer is almost here and that means kids all over the land will be pool bound. So I invited water safety expert Lisa Cook from Kid Swim in LA to share some water safety tips for parents ready to dive in.

When Channing was a tiny baby I couldn’t wait to get her in the pool. She hated baths so I don’t know why I thought she would like a huge, deep pool but lesson learned. She screamed so much the first few times I took her swimming. But I persisted in my efforts to get her comfy in a pool and now she LOVES it. I literally have to drag her out.

The only problem is, she doesn’t know what she’s doing in there. She just flops around on the steps and holds on to me or Chris when she wants to float out farther. I think it’s time she learns how to swim and I’m so glad Lisa gave me some advice. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • What age to start swim lessons
  • A parent’s role in the water
  • The number one mistake parents make around water
  • Is your child really learning to swim or mimicking what they’ve seen an instructor do
  • Is Michael Phelps really THAT big of a deal?

Lisa is a wealth of information about water safety for kids. She has 30 years of experience herself and taught hundreds of kids to swim as well as her own kids. She has created a wonderful infographic on her website that you should check out.  She also has info there on her swim method and how people in the LA area can sign up for classes.

Are your kids ready to take the plunge this summer?