I’m excited to tell you about my experience with UP4 Probiotics! This should come as no surprise to you, but I’m a woman “of a certain age”.

That means things all over my body are slowing down. My metabolism, my energy and my gut. I recently went on a journey with my #MIH15by15 to try to re-energize my health and body.

It was hard! But I learned I can’t just exercise my way to a healthier version of myself. I need to work from the inside out too.

So I’ve been reading a lot more about healthy eating, vitamins, supplements and probiotics to give my body the best chance at fighting middle-age. Or least not be knocked down by it.

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That’s why I was so thrilled to come across UP4 Probiotics at a recent SoCalNaturals event. I’ve been reading about the health benefits of probiotics for a while now and finally decided to take the leap.

For those not in the know, probiotics or “friendly” bacteria are known to provide a variety of benefits, especially within the digestive and immune systems by working to restore the balance between harmful and helpful bacteria in the gut.

As someone who’s biggest challenge in losing weight and being healthy comes from my diet, I couldn’t wait to try it.

A lot of research shows probiotics can also aid in treating diarrhea, vaginal yeast infections, eczema in children and the dreaded irritable bowel syndrome. They’ve also been said to help your body better absorb vitamins and minerals.

My inner skeptic doesn’t want to believe something so simple could provide all these benefits. But science doesn’t lie. I want to mention, I’m not a doctor, so none of this should be taken in lieu of medical advice. And definitely make sure you take the probiotics as directed.


I started taking the UP4 Women’s probiotic (found in Target and online) and noticed a difference within in a few days. It’s not a magic pill that suddenly makes you immune and regular. Those don’t exist! But what I did notice right away was that I had more energy, my stomach didn’t hurt after eating certain foods and I was more regular. Yes, I mean in the bathroom!

Let’s be real and talk about the fact that a lot of women struggle to have regular poo. We are teaching our kids to go potty, but we don’t potty ourselves!

Speaking of kids, I’ve also been looking for something to help Channing with her dietary issues. She has a sensitivity to dairy and we’ve been desperately looking for a way to help ease her discomfort. UP4 also has Kids Cubes and they were the perfect solution for us.

The Kids Cubes do have a small amount of skim milk powder in them, but we didn’t notice any side effects. If anything it helped her gut get better. The Kids Cubes are made for kids ages 3+ and have the same healthy ingredients to support the immune system and the digestive system, plus each cube contains 800 IU of Vitamin D3 to support healthy bone growth in children.

They come in creamy vanilla flavored cubes. After a couple of days we saw a difference in Chan as well. No tummy cramps and poo problems. That’s a winner in my book!


It’s also comforting to know UP4 has been making probiotics and ONLY probiotics since 1979. They have a trademarked superstrain called DDS®-1 created by founder Dr. S.K. Dash.

I’m not a scientist, but I pride myself on the ability to research online and read about what I’m giving my child and UP4 has nearly 40 years of research behind them.

I’m confident in their claims that their products have been clinically proven to support digestive and immune health, from children to senior citizens.They only use robust, acid and bile resistant strains.

UP4 has also won numerous awards for their work in probiotics research.

Although awards are impressive, as a mom and a woman I’m more impressed with results. And that’s exactly what we’re getting with our daily probiotics. It’s only been a few weeks since we started our journey with UP4, and if these few weeks are any indication of what’s to come I can’t wait to see what happens as we continue in our quest to get healthy.

I know I’m happy to have it in my arsenal to help fight the pesky problems that come with middle-age.

UP4 Probiotics are available in your local Target store and online.  And you can enter to win a bundle of UP4 from MIH! Just follow the instructions in the giveaway box below and you’re entered to win. The bundle includes a bottle of Women’s, Adult, Heart Health probiotics and a box of Kids Cubes.  Good luck!

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Editors note:  I received compensation in exchange for writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own and never meant to mislead my readers. That’s not my style 🙂 Feel free to check out my disclaimers page for more info.