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(This post was originally featured as part of the Today Show Parenting Team Challenge: Parenting Resolutions)

Less Whine,More Wine!

My daughter is in the toddler whining phase. Those who are in it and have gone before know exactly what I’m talking about.  Everything that comes out of her face sounds like a balloon, slowly releasing air. It’s incessant. It’s constant. It could be set off by her wanting more cereal, or less cereal. Bath toys. No bath toys.  Whatever the whining occasion she is more than willing to celebrate it.

So I say if she can whine, I can wine.

I’m going to start making time for myself in the new year to enjoy a glass of wine and do some writing, or watch Bridget Jones Diary (again!), or tweet wildly inappropriate tweets just because I can.  I will do it with red wine, white wine, sweet wine, and savory wine and most decidedly with reckless abandon.

Don’t misunderstand this is not a drinking challenge. Although, that does sound fun! This is a challenge to take the everyday frustrations that come along with a whining toddler and turn them into inspiration. And maybe have a little fun in the process. So the next time she starts a whine fest I’ll already be thinking of that little treat I get to give myself… a little wine of my own.