Tips For Making Cleaning Fun With Bounty and Despicable Me 3

Disclaimer: I received compensation from Bounty for my honest review of these products. For more information please visit my disclaimers page.

Despicable Me 3 welcomes back your favorite characters like Gru, the girls and those adorable Minions! I’m always amused at how much trouble they can get into and the giant-size messes they make. But the cleaning obsessed part of me always thinks, just for a second, who’s going to clean up that mess??

So, I was more than excited when Bounty challenged me to come up with a list of ways to making cleaning up FUN with their new limited-edition Despicable Me 3 print Paper Towels and Quilted Napkins. Combine a funny movie with my love of cleaning? Yes please! 

We were given some to try at the preview party for Despicable Me 3 and I can tell you they are as durable as they are adorable. They offer the same quality you love from Bounty, and they help make cleaning a little more fun.

Sometimes it seems like I have to use 4 or 5 paper towels to clean up big spills. But with Bounty, I always use less to get the job done because they really are THAT absorbent. They called the napkins “quilted” because if you’ve ever felt them, they’re soft just your grandma’s quilt. Okay, maybe not your grandma’s quilt but you get the idea.

And I have to rave about this cake for a second, which was featured at the Despicable Me 3 preview party we were invited to. This Bounty Paper Towel cake was a real show stopper and you know what? It is an ACTUAL cake!  It was created by The Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman and it took everything I had not to cut myself a slice. You’ll be happy to know I pulled myself together and walked away.

But since I can’t walk away from a mess, no matter how big or small, I thought it would be fun to see how many ways I could make cleaning fun for Chan.

Here’s some tips for making cleaning fun with Bounty’s new Despicable Me 3 prints:

1. Have your supply on hand. There’s nothing more frustrating than reaching for the paper towel roll only to have one left. Make sure you have plenty paper towels ready to clean.

2. Clean as you go. I try to teach my daughter that when she spills or makes a mess, she should wipe it up right away. This is especially key when cooking as messes pile up.

3. Make it fun. Bounty with Despicable Me 3 prints are a great tool for parents to incorporate fun into cleaning. You can tell them the Minions want to eat the peas they dropped on the floor or drink the juice that was spilled on the counter.

4. Make it a game. Who can clean the fastest? Who can use the least amount of paper towels to clean up a big mess? Whatever you can do to make cleaning fun will get them excited about cleaning.

5. Talk Like a Minion. Tell your kids they can talk like a Minion when they’re cleaning. I promise they’ll want to clean all the time!

6. Plot it out. The Minions are all about fun adventures. So why not plot or plan an adventure around that big mess? You can move left to right on the playroom, or only wash the silverware first then wipe down the counters in case Balthazar Bratt is listening in.

7. Create a cleaning dance party. The Minions love a good dance party and so most kids. Why not pop on the new Despicable Me 3 soundtrack and boogie down while you wipe up!

What do you do to make cleaning fun? Bounty with Despicable Me 3 prints are only available for a limited time in stores nationwide so stock up. Once your messy munchkin realizes just how fun cleaning can be he’ll want to clean all the time. And when your house is clean, you’ll have more time to go see movies like Despicable Me 3!

Rated PG, Despicable Me 3 is in theaters now and stars Steve Carrell, Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove, Nev Sharrel, and Dana Gaier.