Getting eyeballs on anything you create online is a huge hurdle for actors today. And the moms of The BreakWomb are leaping over that hurdle. They bill themselves as “moms who do sketch comedy, or comedians who do motherhood.” Any way you pitch it, they’ve struck gold.

Laurel Coppock, Megan Grano & Molly Erdman of The BreakWomb

I couldn’t wait to dive into the minds of The BreakWomb moms and find out what motivated them to start filming their mom comedy sketches and what they plan to do now that their idea has taken off (millions of views and counting!)

They admit the videos are the fun part, but now they find themselves in the business world trying to navigate what’s next for their brand of comedy. I predict more exciting things ahead!

I was fascinated to hear about their background in sketch comedy at various schools in LA and how they translated those skills into videos about motherhood. It’s a trend that’s becoming more and more common.

Moms are taking the mom stereotypes to task and putting a funny spin on it. The BreakWomb gals first big viral hit was with a video called “If moms talked to each other the way they talk to their kids.” And it is as hilarious as you think!

Stories like this inspire me so much. I know I need to expand MIH and start filming funny sketches again or doing anything that gets my face in front of a camera.

After our interview I went back through some old videos from my sketch comedy days and it reminded me how much I miss it. I’m really hilarious you guys! And I’m an actor after all so I should act!

While I’m sorting out my world domination plans, I’ll be cheering on the ladies of The BreakWomb who are already poised for their takeover.

To see what The BreakWomb moms will do next, join their growing number of fans on their Facebook page and YouTube Channel.