The gorgeous and funny Tara Perry

The gorgeous and funny
Tara Perry

Some people just have a warmth or joy, an effervescence, that makes them infinitely watchable.  You want to be their friend and cheer them on in all their endeavors.  Tara Perry is one of those people for me.  Plus she’s a redhead so obviously I adore her.

Ginger power!

Anyway, I met her about 7 years ago through a mutual friend and I instantly wanted to be her friend. And thankfully she was happy to oblige.  If she looks familiar to you moms and dads, it’s because she plays “Marina” on the Nick Jr. show The Fresh Beat Band.  The show is in constant reruns on Nick Jr and Nickelodeon . And there’s a new animated spin-off series called Fresh Beat Band of Spies airing now on Nick Jr.  Even though she’s on a kids show, Tara is very much an adult, living out her dreams with her hubby in LA.  She’s a real working actress in Hollywood who can dance, sing, and act. Triple threat kids! And at the tender age of 23, she had already landed her first series regular gig in showbiz.  (For those in the know, this is huge!)

So I was thrilled when she agreed to come on the show and let me ask her a bunch of questions about her breakout role, her many talents, how adorable her littlest fans are, and if she has any plans for little ones of her own. What? I had to ask! Her story makes me wish I could go back in time and move to Hollywood when I was 19.  And learn to sing. And dance. And juggle. Well, maybe not juggle. Jugglers are creepy.

We had such a great time talking that I hope to have her back on the show when she books her next series regular part.  Keep and eye on her folks. It’ll happen!

The Fresh Beat Band on one of their many tours. Hear more about what they're shows are like in this episde!

The Fresh Beat Band on one of their many tours. Hear more about what their shows are like in episode 7.