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Motherhood in Hollywood’s 100th Episode Extravaganza!

We did it! We made it to our 100th episode! I say “we” because I know there’s no way I could have reached 100 episodes …

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That Time I Went To A Fashion Show And Someone Stole My Camera

This article will not have as many pictures as I had hoped it would. Or video. That’s because when I went to the LA Style …

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Ep. 44 Fresh Off The Boat, Writers Room Revelations, Feminism & Motherhood

You guys, I love this podcast so much. It has opened my eyes to so many different people, careers, perspectives and really started making me …

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Tulsa World Features Heather’s podcast & appearance on Lopez

Rita Sherrow from my hometown newspaper wrote a wonderful piece about my appearance on Lopez on TV Land and why I started my podcast. It’s …

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Ep. 35 Hotline Calls, Crowd Funding, Writing Partners & “Welcome To Our Mansion” with Jillian Boyd

    I love the idea of a writing partner. Someone to bounce ideas off of and hold my feet to the fire when it comes …

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Ep. 33 Casting, Kids, And Confidence with Casting Director Dana Gergely Bowling

Despite what Kanye’s Twitter might tell you, sometimes it’s hard for people in the arts to have confidence in their abilities. I like to think …

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Ep. 24 The Mom behind the MomCo App Jillian Darlington

Listen now!   In less than a year the MomCo app has taken off like a SoCal wildfire. It’s quickly become the go-to app for …

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MIH Musings: 7 Ways REAL Moms Deal With Toddler Tantrums

I was up late drinking some wine, and also maybe a beer when I wrote this. So take it with a grain of salt…on your …

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