If you read the title of this article and think this is about a drug app, you’re half right.  Super High is a short comedy series on a new app called Blackpills. I was invited by CAA and Blackpills to preview the first few episodes and meet the cast and I can tell you, this is the future of content.

Let me explain. Two years ago Apple said the future of watching TV will be on apps and since then several apps have popped up with a ton of options for watching TV and movies. Verizon’s go90 and NBC’s Seeso are just a few examples offering original content with apps like Fullscreen giving users access to old TV shows and movies. Blackpills is a digital media platform aimed at creating edgy, youthful content for millennials. Big directors like Luc Besson and Sharon Horgan are already onboard to create series so it definitely has some legs.

I was excited to watch Super High but a little trepidatious because it looks and sounds like something your friends college aged kids would watch. And I was right. But it also surprised me because in addition to being edgy and youthful, it was really funny. I laughed more than I expected to and really found myself enjoying this crazy story.

The series follows a group of friends who find out their super powers are unleashed when they smoke this special weed. Yes, that’s really the plot. It’s playing off of the superhero craze and will definitely appeal to the millennial who like Thor and smoking doobies. It has a very French sense of humor because it was created by French super star Kev Adams and director Edouard Pluvieux. Youtube star DeStorm Power is also in the cast along with Sarah McDaniel.

I was really impressed with what Pluvieux did to make this show look and feel like a fun comic book romp in each 10 minute episode. And if you’re wondering whether the show glorifies drug use, then maybe this is not the show for you. Yes they smoke weed and get, super high, but it’s really more about these friends going on adventures together. And what do they do with their stoned super powers? They decide the want to help people instead of sit on the couch and feed their munchies.

Overall I really enjoyed this show and think it’s a great example of the types of shows we’re going to see coming out of new apps. Youthful and edgy are no doubt a good audience. I just hope these content creators don’t forget that older edgy people like to watch new content too. Mom High anyone?

Super High will be available Sept 25th on the Blackpills app. You can download Blackpills in the iTunes store or Google Play.