I had the pleasure of talking to multi-talented writer, director, composer Stewart St. John about his new project called Tara Tremendous.  Tara Tremendous is an audio storybook about an 8-year-old girl who gets infused with the super-DNA of every hero on Earth. What? Amazing!  A young girl with super powers to fight bad guys? Love it! I had the chance to listen to TT and it was so much fun. The music is vibrant and sounds like something you’d hear in a Disney TV show or film.  Probably because Stewart has worked on many Disney projects (Sabrina, the Animated Series, Power Rangers Zeo, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and understands the spirit of a Disney story and score. He also narrates the story and is the voice of the evil “Dr. Epic.”

The most surprising part of my talk with Stewart was what he had to say about the creative process of composing music and the competitive world of voice over artists.  We also chat about why adults still love animation (not cartoons!) and the importance of getting kids interested in music while they’re young.

After you listen to this episode go to iTunes or Stewart’s company Wonkybot Studios so you can hear the inspiring and courageous story of Tara Tremendous for yourself.