*I was compensated for attending this event sponsored by Nick Jr. and Mom.me. The thoughts and opinions below are my own. 

Just in time for the holidays, kids can now get their hands on toys from Nick Jr.‘s animated series Shimmer and Shine, and Blaze and The Monster Machines! We were thrilled to get a sneak peek at these colorful toys at The Mega Play Date event hosted by Nick Jr. and Mom.me at the Petersen Auto Museum. Once we stepped off the elevator we were transported into the rough and tumble world of Blaze and his buddies, and the magical land of Shimmer and Shine. shimmer and shine

As I’ve mentioned before, we are big fans of S&S in this house. These twin genies and their friend Leah are a staple in day-to-day conversations. So when we walked in, I thought Channing’s eyes were going to pop out of her head when she saw the set up. We were in Zahramay Falls!

nick jr shimmer and shine nick jr shimmer and shine

She immediately grabbed the Shimmer and Shine Wish & Spin dolls ($40) and the Shimmer and Shine Magic Flying Carpet ($30). Chan loved that she could interact with the dolls.  She could be just like Leah by clapping her hands, or pressing on the genie bottle necklace to bring Shimmer and Shine to life. The genies also do their signature dance while granting your wish. You can find these toys in your local toy store or online.

blaze and the monster machines

Blaze and The Monster Machines Monster Morpher Blaze ($13)

And let’s not forget about Blaze! This show brings a preschoolers imagination roaring to life. Blaze and his 8-year-old driver AJ go on adventures to explore how things work, tack problems through scientific inquiry and math, and discover parts to make everyday technologies work. If this sounds familiar, it’s because these are the basics of STEM packed into a show that appeals to preschoolers.

nick jr shimmer and shine

Chan stepped right up for an intense race with her buddy Eddie using the Blaze and The Monster Machines Transforming R/C ($40). A remote-controlled Blaze features lights and sounds that you transform from a monster truck to a race car with the push of a button. A cool feature of this toy is that the controller can be worn on your wrist for easy access, and also (hopefully) so they’ll be less likely to lose it. Am I right parents?

nick jr shimmer and shine

Once she got a taste of racing fever she wanted to jump into the big Blaze truck and go for a spin. There was also a super cool racing uniform to go with the truck, but Chan didn’t want to hide her pretty dress while driving. I hear ya girl.

shimmer and shine

Once I coaxed her away from the trucks, the Shimmer and Shine candy table, and jewel cookie decorating, it was time for the big surprise. The creator of Shimmer and Shine, Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz along with the voice actors behind Shimmer and Shine were at the party! Eva Bella who voices Shimmer, and Isabella Crovetti who voices Shine were just the sweetest girls. We chatted with them about their experiences voicing these adorable characters and what it’s like to meet the tiny fans of their show. I also had the chance to interview them for my podcast which you can listen to here or on iTunes.

You can also take these characters with you when you’re on the go! Download the Blaze and The Monster Machines app that introduces preschoolers to STEM concepts. And the Shimmer and Shine app that helps teach preschoolers basic math, shapes, patterns and symmetry concepts. Both are available now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

Blaze airs weekdays at 1:30EST on Nickelodeon. A new episode featuring the voice of NASCAR racing champs Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliot and Kasey Kahne will air Nov. 4th.

Shimmer and Shine airs weekdays at 12pmEST on Nickelodeon. New episodes will premiere November 15th with a special guest episode featuring Barbara Eden (the original genie!) on November 18th.

shimmer and shine

It was such a special afternoon playing with these toys, hanging out with our friends and getting a behind the scenes look at the magic of these Nick Jr. shows. Chan has been sleeping with her Shimmer and Shine dolls every night since, no doubt dreaming of Zahramay Falls.