Every actor worth their salt will tell you Shakespeare is the ultimate actors dream to perform. We recently went on a family outing to watch Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure in  Griffith Park produced by the Independent Shakespeare Company of Los Angeles and I can tell you, it brought up feelings…lots of feelings.

It reminded first and foremost of my college days, when I actually felt like an actor. I was given meaty roles and could really dig into a character as opposed to the one or two line parts Hollywood throws my way. In fact I think that might have been the last time I saw Shakespeare performed live and it was certainly the last time I performed it.


As I watched this show it made me realize that I miss performing on stage, and performing in general. I don’t get to do that much these days as Motherhood in Hollywood has taken over most of my free time and Chan has taken over the rest. So while I can’t perform in a play right now, I’m more than happy to watch others perform and support wonderful community theater organizations like the Independent Shakespeare Company.

I invited Artistic Director Melissa Chalsma to be on my podcast and talk about why she and her husband David founded this company. What I gained out of the interview was much more than the story of how it all began. She shared with me her perspective on what success is in Hollywood. We all have our goals, our marker that tell us we’ve made it! But what if you never reach that level? What if the marker changes and you suddenly find yourself mid-life with a new perspective on what success really is?

We also talked about the importance of supporting local theater like ISC financially. They rely on donations from supporters to keep the shows running each year. It takes a lot of money to put on a great production for more than 50,000 people each summer so every little bit helps!

I loved hearing Melissa’s take on making it in Hollywood and how Shakespeare fills her soul. Because honestly after watching these incredible actors perform and the longing it stirred inside me, I can tell you my perspective on “making it” is certainly shifting. Chris and I also decided that we are going to make Shakespeare in the park a yearly tradition. Chan loved it so much and was so into the performance, it made my heart swell. I’d call that a total success, wouldn’t you?













Measure for Measure plays in Griffith Park every Wed-Sunday at 7pm until July 23rd. The next show is Two Gentlemen of Verona and it begins July 29th through Sept. 3rd.

To find out more about the Independent Shakespeare Company shows, auditions and how to donate visit www.iscla.org