Nickelodeon is crushing it these days with shows aimed at preschoolers. Their latest venture is Rusty Rivets, where we meet 10-year-old Rusty and his best bud Ruby. Rusty works his way out of every jam by focusing on inventing, creating and problem solving.  All wonderful tools for preschoolers to have.
Rusty Rivets

Rusty Rivets will premiere Nov. 8th on Nickelodeon

The show is inspired by the DIY culture of the Maker Movement which I know a lot of my Pinterest moms will appreciate. The creators say they hope the show helps kids gain confidence and fuel their creativity. As a mom of a preschool aged girl I can tell you her creative cup runneth over. Sometimes I run out of ideas to help foster her creativity.  That’s where I turn to my creative DIY moms for inspiration. And this show supports that kind of thinking.
One part of this show that’s particularly wonderful is the focus on invention and making gadgets. In a world that’s increasingly more focused on STEM learning, I’m a fan of animated shows that reinforce those ideas as well.  As an example in the series premiere, “Rusty’s Rex Rescue/Rusty’s Park N’ Fly,” Rusty’s friend Liam gets trapped on top of a tall stack of junk in Rusty’s Recycling Yard. To rescue Liam, Rusty and Ruby design a Jurassic robot who ultimately becomes their new trusty friend Botasaur.  In the next adventure, Rusty and his friends must bring Mr. Higgins’ remote control plane down safely when it can’t land.  Together, they must engineer a daredevil rescue to save the plane.
rusty rivets
I watched a sneak peak of the first episodes, which is two 11 minute segments butted together. And I can honestly say it’s a really fun show! Channing was mesmerized by the “Botasaur” Rusty built and asked a ton of questions about the robots and gadgets. She may not be an inventor yet, but she’s on the right track!
The show is Executive Produced by Laura Clunie, Ronnen Harary, John May and Suzanne Bolch. Rusty Rivets premieres on November 8th, and will air each day at 1 pm ET, from Nov. 8- Nov. 11 on Nickelodeon. Kids can also get on the fun now by playing Rusty Rivets games on