With names like Boatin’ Betty, Flowerbomb, and Husky Howard you can clearly tell Robeez is having fun with their new fall line of kids shoes. Channing and I recently got some “feets on” experience with this adorable footwear at a special #FallingForRobeez event at Au Fudge in West Hollywood.robeez au fudge

Celebrity mom Jessica Biel is part owner of Au Fudge and is apparently a huge fan of Robeez!


Robeez has been a trendsetter for kids shoes for more than two decades. One thing I didn’t know is that these shoes are made to mimic walking in bare feet by allowing them to bend and flex their feet naturally.  The soft, leather soles are the next give kids unrestricted movement and good balance.

robeez robeez fall collection










And all of their shoes carry the Seal Of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

falling for robeez

Chan has been styling in her Classic Baby Boots because she’s a classic kind of gal. They have a soft inside made of faux fur, and an elastic around the ankle to keep those suckers in place.

falling for robeez

The bottom of the shoes are made of leather and suede and they are very roomy inside. She has room to grown in them and wear them throughout the fall and winter. I mean, what little winter there is in LA. Slight chill, maybe? You get the idea.

Robeez come in a variety of sizes for kids up to age 4 in the soft soles, and 24 months in the mini shoez. And the best part is, they help promote healthy foot development while being fashionable and fun to wear.

falling for robeez

If you’d like to be #FallingForRobeez I can help!  Visit www.myrobeez.com and enter the code FALLINGFORROBEEZ at checkout and you’ll get 20% off your order. Now if that doesn’t get you excited about the Boatin’ Betty I don’t know what will!