I’ve had my fair share of sunburns in my life. We didn’t know as much about the damage the sun could do when I was growing up as we do now. So, I have learned to be vigilant about putting sunscreen on Channing so she can start to protect her skin early and avoid my mistakes.

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to find a sunscreen that can do what it’s supposed to do. But I also want something that’s recommended by dermatologists. That’s why we like using Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen!

I used it recently on a trip to the beach, and I can tell you it worked. We were there for a few hours and voila! No sunburn!

Chan even wanted to put some on me too. I’m so glad she’s looking out for me in my old age! Now, we take a bottle with us wherever we go.

Every bottle of Blue Lizard begins with Zinc Oxide. Research shows this mineral provides natural broad-spectrum sun protection. Zinc Oxide protects you by forming a protective layer on top of your skin and scattering UV rays away from your body. Basically, instead of absorbing into your skin, mineral sunscreens stay on the surface, deflecting UV rays like thousands of tiny shields.

When you compare that to standard chemical-filled sunscreens that you’d find on the store shelves, the chemicals from those sunscreens absorb into the skin. And that’s not something that most parents want to put on their kids–I know I don’t!

And Blue Lizard has managed to make it fun for Chan too! The bottle is normally white, but it turns blue or pink (only the Baby formula) when it’s exposed to harmful UV rays. That’s how we know UV rays are present and need to apply or re-apply. So smart!

Living in Southern California means we are in the sun almost all the time. I know I can’t protect her every second of the day, but I can certainly use the best product to help me as much as possible. And hopefully she won’t have to deal with the late-night Aloe Vera sessions that I had to soothe my sunburns.

Blue Lizard is designed for the whole family with active, sensitive, kids, baby and sport formula options. They also care about the environment! Blue Lizard has a “We Love the Reef” line. It’s designed to protect your skin without using Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, two chemical sunscreen ingredients which may harm coral reefs.

For more information on why choosing a mineral-based sunscreen with broad spectrum protection like Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is important, visit bluelizard.net.


*Disclaimer: I was compensated by Blue Lizard for my honest experience with their product. For more information, please visit my disclaimers page.