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I have watched HGTV since I was a wee lass. Therefore in my mind, I can create all of these renovations and stunning new rooms in a matter of weeks. Days even. It’s that easy right?

In reality, my house is very simple and plain. I have ideas about what I want it to look like but when it comes time to piece things together I’m ravaging the internet for color schemes and how-tos.


The current problem I’m facing is my daughter’s playroom. Creative space.  Bonus room. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a big, brown room with wood-paneling that I’ve tried to brighten up with way too much pink.

I have no idea where to begin decorating this space so she can learn and play in here. Eventually I’m sure it will morph into a game room, then dad’s man cave once she moves out. But right now it’s a mess of toys and a few wall stickers that seemed like a good idea the time.


I don’t have time to become an expert in design so I rely on the internet and friends with better skills than me in this area.

If anyone has suggestions on how to brighten up a brown room and add some much-needed style for a kid’s room I’m all ears.