Whether you are a celebrity, mom blogger or influencer wouldn’t it be nice to get #paid for your work. In this episode I’m talking to Adam Rivietz, the CSO and co-founder of #paid, an influencer marketing platform for authentic brand collaborations.  We’re talking about the evolution of online marketing vs traditional marketing strategies and how big companies are starting to spend their money.

Adam Rivietz-CSO and co-founder of #paid

A recent study from Neilson Media Lab finds that influencer marketing is more powerful than marketers initially thought. I wanted to share with you an article that perfectly accompanies this podcast. It was written by Richard Wong, VP of Marketing and Creator Relations at #paid. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and what his colleague Adam have to say about the rise of influencers.

TV may affect the brain, but influencer marketing affects the heart. Social media influencer content effectively drives engagement, consideration, and purchase intent. TV effectively drives brand awareness.

Written by: Richard Wong