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Christine Lakin Shares Her Birth Story & Details On ‘Hollywood Darlings’

One of the best parts of my podcasting experience so far has been bonding with other moms over their birth story. It’s like veterans coming …

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Get It Together Mom! Expert Tips To Empower Moms In Parenting, Marriage and Career

Some days I think I have it all together. Then in one fell swoop things can fall spectacularly apart. I typically have some steps in …

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Mom Confession: The Night I Wish I Knew Kegels

This has taken me some time to process but I’ve decided I need to get this off my chest. There was an incident the other …

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Films, TV Shows and Apps That Can Help Explain Mass Shootings to Kids

I never dreamed when I became a parent that I would have to worry about gun violence or have a talk with my daughter someday …

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Improving Your Child’s Gut Health With UP4 Probiotics {GIVEAWAY!}

Let’s talk about how you can improve your child’s gut health with UP4 Probiotics. It seems like from the time our little ones are born, …

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Lansinoh SmartPump: The First Bluetooth Breast Pump! {GIVEAWAY}

I wish I had the Lansinoh SmartPump when I was pumping.  Instead I had a random pump that I registered for at Target. I didn’t …

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The Jim Henson Company Premieres First Splash and Bubbles Movie!

We have a new addiction around our house. It’s called Splash and Bubbles: a groundbreaking new series from The Jim Henson Company that airs on …

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Golden Globes: Surprises, Shoo-Ins, and Trump Talk

It’s awards season! That means for the next few months I’m trying to watch as many movies and TV shows as I can to make …

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