When I was researching funny podcasts about parenting before starting MIH, the first show that I came across was One Bad Mother and I immediately knew why it was so popular.  Biz Ellis & Theresa Thorn started One Bad Mother when they were new friends. And over the years, listeners have been able to get to know them, as they get to know each other.  As you can imagine, with that comes their funny, unique, and honest look at parenting and relationships. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don’t but it’s interesting to hear them figure it out together. One Bad Mother is now consistently one of the top podcasts on iTunes because of it. Goals, people. Goals.

Biz and Theresa have parlayed their podcasting success into a book called, “You’re Doing a Great Job: 100 Ways You’re Winning at Parenting”. They are both big believers in encouraging other moms through their stories and life experiences so they don’t feel alone. The book is filled with funny observations, affirmations, and words of wisdom that every mom can relate too. It’s available now online so you can see for yourself!
















And here’s the best part, if you’re in the LA or NYC area you can watch these ladies LIVE as they record an episode of One Bad Mother. They will also be signing copies of their book after the show. The LA show is August 26th and the NYC show is October 14th. Tickets are available now here.

And you can listen to One Bad Mother on the Maximum Fun Network or download the show on iTunes.