I can’t count the number of times lately that I’ve stopped to catch my breath at the sight of my tiny baby growing into a big kid. She is so tall, so talkative and her personality rivals any adult. I love watching her grow up and become the person she’s meant to be and yet I want her to stay small and cuddle in my arms. I often wish there was a way to stop time, or slow down. Parents, ya feel me?

That’s the subject of singer/songwriter Nichole Nordemans new book, Slow Down. I sat down with Nichole after her recent appearance on Hallmark’s Home and Family to talk about the inspiration behind her new book. She says she wrote it for her son Charlie’s 5th grade graduation and was encouraged by her manager to record it.

The response was overwhelming. It quickly went viral as parents all over the world connected with the message. Now she’s taken that message and fleshed it out into essays for her book. In the book she talks about how there’s no time machine, or button to push that would make time slow down so our kids will stay small. Instead we should take it upon ourselves to slow down and enjoy as much of the present with our kids as possible.

Admittedly in this social media obsessed (guilty!) world we live in its hard to walk away, put your phone down, and be present. This is something I make an effort to do every week in the hopes that my daughter’s memories of me won’t just be of my phone in front of my face.  And I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Because it seems like every time I blink, she’s taller, smarter, faster, funnier. And I don’t want to miss another minute.

Watch the piece I did for KRJH 2 Works For You on Nichole, then watch her video for Slow Down. But grab the tissues because you’re going to need them.

Slow Down is available now online and in bookstores.