It’s good to be a celebrity in Hollywood. And this week it’s GREAT to be an MTV Movie & TV Awards nominee. That’s because Secret Rooms Events hosted a VIP gifting suite where the stars could rub elbows with beauty, fashion, and luxury brands. And we have a look at what the stars took home.

So glam on the red carpet at the Secret Rooms MTV Movie & TV Awards Gifting Suite

The event was held at the fabulous SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. You can tell from my Facebook live at the event that we were having a great time on the gorgeous outdoor patio. Here’s just a few of the items that caught my attention and are now in the hands of some of the MTV Movie & TV Awards nominees.

For a complete list of nominees and to vote for your faves go here.

Jessica Simpson Style’s new baby line!

Jessica Simpson Style baby shoes















We have to talk about one of my favorite moms in Holly wood, Jessica Simpson! Attendees were treated to a look at her adorable line of kids shoes and kids fashion. From stylish black sandals to shiny gold dress shoes, this line has something for every kid and their style. She has recently expanded her popular line to include baby clothes so moms get ready to stock up. They are cute!

Adorable girly items from Townleygirl

The first thing I saw when I walked into the event was the Townleygirl table. It was everything a girl mom could dream of! They had cute Disney sets of makeup and nail polish featuring Beauty and The Beast. And if you have a Troll fan you will love their lip balms and hair accessories from that movie. In fact they have a ton of movie themed products for little girls that you can buy on their website.

Caravana Jewelry

Caravana Jewelry















At this event I found out I can rock a silk wrap bracelet!  I’m so glad I stopped at the Caravana Jewelry table to see their handmade silk wrap bracelets. The style of their jewelry is heavily influenced the by surroundings of their store located in Sedona, Arizona which includes vivid colors, tribal shapes and textures of nature.  Visit their website to see more of their pieces.

Elegant Jewels by Durrani

I also fell in love with the elegant designs from Jewels by Durrani. These ladies have created delicate pieces that add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

Meal delivery from Celebrity chefs at Two Peas Inc.

If you’re a mom who’s looking to make life easier when it comes to food, then you’ll like Two Peas Inc. Celebrity Chefs Craig and Paola Petrella are making sustainable and non-GMO meals that get delivered right to your door. If you want to feel like a star then getting a meal delivery service is the way to go! Find out more about their delicious menu on their website.

Cute clothes and gifts from Whimzey

And what star doesn’t need a little Whimzey in their life? These cute shirts from Whimzey are just a few of the fun items you can buy. They also have dresses, gifts, and clothes for kids all available on their website.

More swag I discovered for the MTV crowd:

  • Modus Nutrition
  • Goodsouls
  •  Blue spark Technologies
  • Temp Traq
  • Beaver professional
  • Bum Equipment
  • Luseta Beauty
  • Casper
  • Parfaire
  • Nava natural skincare
  • Dr Kelly Hong Dentistry
  • Sky Essentials
  • JA Designer Collections
  • Artistic Nail Design
  • Lindsay Phillips
  • Tweaker Energy company
  • Santa Cruz Skate boards
  • Paw works charity

Tweaker energy drink

Bluetooth thermometer from Temp Traq













Each guest also left with an LL Bean bag full of items from Lee jeans, HUE, Elomi and Fantasie, JENNIE AND VERA’S COOKIES, Medikate Skincare, PonyDry, Christy Bruski The Royce hair care, Visha Skin care, Twinkles dental jewelry,, Unique Pretzel Bakery Inc, Hint water, Kaura Jewels Los Angeles, Groundwork by Sara Hart, Lottie Belle Lingerie, Jewels under the Kilt, Wiley Wallaby Gourmet Liquerice,, Neon Litter, My package Apparel, Thera Cane, Celine Pellerin Fine Artist, Paradigm trends, Pez candy, Performance Inspired Nutrition, Be there in five LLC, 4TH & Heart Ghee, and COCOS BANGLES.

Me and my girl Veena Crownholm from Milllennial Mamas

As always Secret Rooms Celebrity Gifting knows how to treat the stars like, well stars! If this was the caliber of swag handed out for the nominees I can’t wait to see what the winners get when the MTV Movie & TV Awards air on May 7th.