Two of my nearest and dearest friends just got engaged. To each other.  They are now embarking on the glorious journey that is planning a wedding. And it got me thinking about some of my favorite wedding scenes in movies and TV shows and wondering, how can I help my friend make her wedding like a scene from a movie? Turns out, having a movie wedding is way more expensive than you think!

Right off the bat I realized, we’re gonna need a bigger budget. Wedding scenes in movies and TV shows can sometimes look attainable, but how much did they really spend?  Some of the most memorable film and TV weddings would cost a staggering amount for the average couple to replicate. Would it even be possible to throw a Hollywood-style wedding without spending a big budget price?

Shopping site Ebates just released a helpful graphic that breaks down all the costs of your favorite wedding movies based on prices during their time periods, ranging from the Renaissance’s The Princess Bride (20,000 ducats) to 2011’s Bridesmaids ($109,658).

One of my favorite wedding scenes in recent memory is from Sex and The City. Carrie Bradshaw’s dream wedding to Mr. Big rang in at an astounding $229,869. Of course, (spoiler) that didn’t work out and they opted for a much smaller courthouse affair. So maybe big budget isn’t always for the best. Take a look at this breakdown and see for yourself. Which movie wedding would you want to throw?


Cost Analysis of Your Favorite Movie Weddings
Cost Analysis of Your Favorite Movie Weddings Created By: Ebates
The least expensive movies shouldn’t surprise you too much— Kill Bill ($748), The Little Mermaid ($5,100), Meet The Fockers ($6,936), and I Love You Man ($9,560). Not sure how they calculated The Little Mermaid cost though. That dress and castle wedding must have cost a fortune!

Regardless of how much it costs, I know my friends will have more magic at their wedding than the movies can muster.