This is not fake news! We are really diving into the evolution of local news and what it means to be a mommy blogger versus press.  My guest this week is Special Events Producer and Freelance Publicist Jennie O’Hagan. Jennie started her career at KTLA in Los Angeles on one of the first morning news shows of its kind.


She still produces for KTLA on major special events like The Oscars red carpet coverage and The Rose Parade and has expanded her skills into PR. She has seen a lot of changes in local news over the years and has some wonderful insights on where it’s headed. And because of her background, I wanted to know her thoughts on mommy bloggers as press. In my own opinion, they are not the same thing. Mommy bloggers are used as marketing tools for brands and studios to gain hashtag momentum or buzz about a specific product or project. They are not the same as mainstream media.



This is something that has been frustrating me lately because I get asked to cover press junkets and attend red carpets quite often. However, it’s usually as a mommy blogger and not a real member of the media.  Most moms in this category have no problem with that and for the most part I don’t either. But since I actually DO work in the media and have been a reporter for many years it’s a little hard for me to understand why I don’t have access to the same things other outlets do. This is something I’ve been struggling with reconciling in my own business and life and I love the advice and perspective Jennie brings in this episode.

We also chatted about our mutual adoration of KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin. He will never know it, but I think he’s one of the greatest entertainment reporters in the business. Jennie says he was her mentor and helped hone her skills as a producer and gave her a shot when no one else would. So even though he doesn’t listen to MIH, we get mushy about Sam so someone let him know!

One of the biggest challenges for moms in local news is balancing a family. The hours are long and the day-to-day grind of covering news is a bummer. It’s hard to write about murders, sexual assaults, crime, fires etc. Then go home to your family and be cheery. It’s not an easy career choice to foster relationships so a lot of news veterans say they wait longer than usual to start a family. Jennie shares how she works to find balance in her family life through freelance jobs. When I started freelancing, I had no idea how “freeing” it would really be. It’s a great career option, especially for parents, if you are in a field that offers it.

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